Friday, February 19, 2010

"Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike..."

So today... was a shitty day... .___.

Nothing inparticular happened to make it shitty... it was just one of those days... where you, and everything around you, is just shit... .__________."

I think the propper term is "Depression", but whatever...

I dunno even how to explain how it was shit, cause a few good things did happen today actually. A girl I like... (I can't fucking make up my mind on just one girl... im a whore, okay?)... she started talking to me again. I say again because, we used to talk, when we had class together. But now we don't, and I only see her at lunch, and in the halls inbetween classes.

Anyway, we started talking again, but its just like before... She just mooches cash off me...

She knows I like her, and she uses it to her advantage, and I can't blame her for it either, cause I would do the same thing if I were her...

Maybe I'll eventually work up the confidence to ask her out or something. Or if hell freezes over and pigs fly, she'll tell me she likes me too, and then we'll just start a relationship almost imediatly after... XD

Also, I dunno if I told anyone, but, i finished Driving School and got the certificate of completion, and i also got my affidavit notorized... so tomorrow im gonna wake up super early so i can go to the BMV when they open, and tell them to put me on stand-by...

In other words.... if all goes well tomorrow... I'll have my drivers license...

I dunno why I'm so depressed... all this awesome stuff is going on, and I can't even enjoy it... .__.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Sooo... anyways..."

Haven;t posted in a while. Just thought I would leave you guys with an update.

I started going to weight training, and i'll more than likely be on the football team at my school next school year. XD

I've kinda been crushing on this girl at school... but have been too chickenshit to talk to her... so i burned a cd with one song on it, that kinda expresses how i feel..... i gave it to her today... hopefully she didnt forget to listen to it..... and if she did listen... i hope she really listened to the lyrics... .___.

Today... i finished my last in-car with my driving instructer... so... that means.... all i have left, is the state driving test, and i have my DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so awesome... ^_^

Tomorrow i plan on talking to my chemistry teacher about some chemicals... to make a prop... Nuka-Cola Quantum.... dont ask.... >_>

and uhh.... thats about it really... :P

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had a dream about killing myself... ._."
I jumped off of a tall building... i dunno how tall, but it was tall...
For the first hundred feet or so... i fell... but after that, it was like i was floating. And everytime i blinked, i just got closer to the ground.
Right before i hit the ground, i blinked, and i appeared outside of my school, in front of the entrance to the gym. It was about sunset/dusk, the parkinglot was empty, except one car parked by the curb, running.
Nobody was in the car, but it was running. The lights were on, and the passenger door was open.
Standing near the car was a girl. A girl I know. A girl I go to school with. A girl that I'm friends with. A girl, that I like... alot.
She runs up to me, and hugs me. I hug her back. She gives me a look like shes scared out of her mind. She says, "Where have you been?", in a voice so scared and worried...
The look on her face turns from worried to.... >_>
We start to kiss. I pull away. Then I go back.
We kiss again... this time with tounge...
i dont remember much after that... ._."
I've been sick for the past 3 days. Been feeling like shit. Sore throat, stuffy nose, the works.
Got to do a video presentation in school tomorrow for Biology. If all goes to plan, it will be so epic, and maybe the teacher will let me get a copy of it to put on youtube... XD
i guess thats it... for now...