Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Consistency Is Key..."

i really need to post more, i just dont have alot to talk about.

2 days ago, my dog got sprayed by a skunk, twas epic... the smell was too... e.e

we bathed him and hes alright now...

umm, was feeling nastalgic, and broke out the GameCube, been playing LoZ: Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and RE4.

i need a job... bad... i have expensive needs and wants (mostly wants) that need to be taken care of.... (or supressed)

erm... im on summer vacation now... its weird in a way, how most kids, teens, they spend the whole school year looking forward to summer vacation (myself included), but when it finaly comes, theres nothing to do, and you end up lounging around the house being bored all day, or just walk/skate/bike around to random places in the neighborhood... summer is borring... i honestly wish i was back in school... or had a job...

im starting to feel the summer loneliness... theres a bunch of people i should have asked for their numbers... but i didnt.... so boo hoo.... (seriously... v.v").... nobody to call... nothing to do.... sumer is SO borring... V_______V"

im currently obsessed with getting a pair of Valo inline skates.... they are friggin awesome... just so damn expensive...

and thats about it.....

Car of the day: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner


  1. You can have my number xD we can chat for hours and hours and hours, and have phone sex ;D KIDDING ! XDD

  2. LOOOL. kat o.o xDDD

    amazing thats what joona said me and johnny would do suring calls E__E and we don't...

    anywayz -is proud of johnny for posting- -thumbs up- ^U^